Company profile

Who We Are

Simourg company was founded in 2003 with the main idea of implementing hi-tech solutions in various fields of organisational and management activities. We believe that smart use of modern technologies, including IT technologies, will relieve people from the most part of routine work, and will switch them to the development and creative activities for the sake of personal growth of employees and business success for companies.

Main directions of activities

Simourg company offers the full range of business process formalisation, optimisation and automation services for the companies of any type, strategic business planning, including corporate structure development and optimisation, optimisation of the management information systems, internal communication systems and security management, as well as project management and consultancy.

Based on many years of experience and deep understanding of corporate business process management, company has developed SimBASEĀ® information system that helps automate business processes, ensure processā€™ execution quality and lets easily adjust them to the constantly changing, dynamic business environment.


Our mission is to provide our clients with solutions that help them to achieve excellence, competitiveness and market success.


Our company aspires to become a leader in terms of quality of our services and to be a standard setter for reliable and professional partnership.


Our main values are:

  • Quality: we always aim to provide the superior quality solutions to our clients, working hard to become the best in the market.
  • Reliability: we appreciate the trust of our clients, partners and colleagues, keep our word and always deliver what we promise.
  • Technological effectiveness: we strive to apply the best technology available and, when necessary, develop our own technologies.
  • Team: we love our job and do it perfect.